What is Tamasha?

Tamasha’s unique line of eco-friendly bags, mats, and accessories are handcrafted by village women in India. Each product is made on a traditional-style handloom using recycled plastic bags and hand-spun, naturally dyed cotton yarn.

The Tamasha team plus a few friends!

The creation of “Tamasha” brand products is a part of a larger effort to empower women, and one that is grounded in the concepts of environmental stewardship and economic fairness. Every person involved in creating Tamasha products, from the rag pickers who collect the raw materials for Tamasha products to the women who weave them, earns fair wages for their work.

Rahiben, proud of her work!

By supporting Tamasha, you are supporting a positive transformation of the way of life of the women who make these unique products. Before Tamasha, these women had to struggle for an income and had little hope to offer to their children for a brighter future. Now, these women are supporting their families, educating their children, and even saving money for themselves.

Thank you for keeping this dream alive!

Our Stories

Suryaben sitting by the strips of recycled plastic used to make Tamasha products

Morning Cup of Tea
with Hansa-ben and her Daughter

We were sitting under the shade of the tree in front of Hansa-ben’s tidy hut in her village of Fatepurah. She had made us a cup of tea in the traditional Indian way by boiling tea leaves with water, milk and sugar. She asked me if I would like her special Cha masala to which […]

Vibhaben working at the loom

A Conversation with Vibha:
Homemaker and Member of the Tamasha Family

It was a typical warm sunny afternoon in the village of Fatehpurah. We were sitting on the floor of Vibha’s neat and clean verandah in front of her family’s small hut. Vibha no longer covered her head, as is customary for village women in India. She was happy and seemed content with her life. Tea […]